How I Ranked a New Domain on 1st Page…

For those who continue to struggle with getting good rankings there is good news. If you choose the correct keyword and develop good content based on that keyword, your chances of ranking higher goes way up. The process does not have to be complicated. First focus on the keywords that have an acceptable amount of traffic, more than 780 searches per month; then focus on tougher keywords.

Since many of you keep asking, here’s what I did…

Bought a domain.
Setup the site.
It’s very fast.
Selected a topic.
Keyword researched.
Keyword has 1000 monthly queries.
At 60 in Google trends, so it will rise.
Last year it was 20.
Keyword difficulty was 45.
Read top 5 articles for that keyword.
Made content better than them.
Used my brain, and added some extra value to it.
Removed shit.
Used the keyword only 10 times in 2500 words long article.
Used LSI keywords.
Used common talking language.
Flesch reading score 75+.

Fetched with Google.
Just shared on T, F and G 2-3 times.

After 1 hour of publishing, it ranked.
After a week it’s still there.

This is for basic users.
Just make sure your select the right keyword.

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  1. I think it is impossible. With a freshed domain, you ranked an article that have a keyword difficulty of 45 with 0 backlinks and you shared in your social media accounts that i ihink will have 0-50 followers/likes because you have a fresh website, so they also would be fresh/new.

    Can you share the article, let me check it??

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