Any Ideas For a Good illustration or Graphic For Overall Organic SEO Process?

Infographics are best used to illustrate a process or sequence of steps or events. infographics have become an informational tool for businesses that need to get their message across in a quick and easy way. Instead of a long and sometimes overly complicated text explanation, an infographic can do the  trick in less time and with easier communication.

Caveat: I don’t “do” website building and SEO alone. I work with clients in specific industries and verticals and help with overall business practices including marketing, and especially digital marketing.

From time to time I encounter people or companies that don’t have a good sense of what the overall process for digital marketing is or does for them. I am working on an improved pitch and illustration for the holistic approach (all facets including SEO, content – email, news, blog, articles, etc., ads/paid clicks, etc.). But I don’t have a great idea for how to best illustrate organic SEO and how it needs to be integrated well into the others. Does anyone have a recommendation or can you point to something you think helps people who don’t really understand that well to grasp it? My goal is to present it in way that shows more about “why” than just “what” or maybe even “how”.

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