Your medication may be killing you

The US healthcare system in meltdown. The Trump administration and Congress can’t come to agreement about how to repeal and replace Obamacare. Republicans are incapable of repealing Obamacare let alone replace the failing and inadequate system. While this issue is at a critical stage the problems with the healthcare system gets worse. Did you ever consider that not participating in the healthcare system can be a good idea. How could this be? According to the medication prescribed to patients can be detrimental to their health. An d you though doctors knew what they were doing.

The pharmaceuticals that could be killing you are:

#1. Flu Shot (influenza vaccine)

#2. Blood thinners

#3. Chemotherapy

#4. Rotavirus Vaccine

#5. Benzodiazepines (anxiety medications)

#6. Seizure Medications

Six pharmaceutical medicines that instantly make your health WORSE News) Can you guess how many Americans take prescription drugs? Did you guess one in 20 or maybe one in 10? Or did you possibly guess as many as one out of every five Americans? If you guessed any of those you would be wrong. A new report published by the CDC shows nearly half of all Americans are taking chemical medicine for their ailments. That means over 150 million Americans have experimental, unproven chemical drugs swimming in their bloodstream right now, adding to the health chaos that comes mainly from consuming chemicals.

What’s even more shocking is that the statistic is up almost ten percent from the early 1990s. Why such a spike in just over two decades? Well, that’s when direct-to-consumer drug advertising first bombarded our television sets. Before that, it was illegal in America for pill-pushing pharmaceutical firms to broadcast their poisons like food on the boob-tube.

If you are one of the 150 million Americans who has fallen hook, line and sinker for the con — believing you should “ask your doctor if…” a chemical concocted in a laboratory made to cover up your symptoms of a bad lifestyle “is right for you” — then you should know that not only will chemical medicines rarely cure your ills, but most of them make your health worse instantly.

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